Trainings and implementing Project Management Methodology

Trainings implemented as workshops. Case studies based on years of experience gained during the execution in the project management methodology. Simulations are referring to examples of projects executed in Polish organizations and  international corporations.

Standard training programs:

  • project management - the basics
  • project management in construction project
  • cost management in construction investment project
  • time management and organization of effective meetings
  • managing cash flows in the building project
  • risk management in the building project
  • project management in RES sector
  • project management in medical sector
  • project management in pharmaceutical sector
  • project management in energy sector
  • project management in industrial sector
  • estimating and budgeting of building projects

Addressed to the participants of construction investment projects as: project managers, site managers, site engineers, supervisors, designers, consultants, analysts, financial controllers.

The target group is also the employees and managers: administration, investment, development and production departments  in companies involved in design and construction phases.

Implementing Project Management methodology

Preparing the organization and implementation of a methodology based on experience gained while working in an organization managed by projects. Implementation should be a process of adaptation which will  minimize  the amount of changes introduced  the organization.

  • needs identification  and specificities of the organization
  • parameterization of resources of the company
  • create the basis of knowledge of methodologies and project management techniques to find the optimal set of tools and procedures
  • assigning tasks and functions for project management needs
  • implementation document’s templates

Implemented project management methodology allows an organization - its resources - to carry out a greater number of tasks and projects. Duration of the projects is shortened. There takes place standardization  of the:  planning,  excution and accounting.

Managing projects in the design methodology improves the economic efficiency of projects.

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